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RealBotics' builds devices, software applications, and complete remote control/tele-operated systems to meet your specific commercial needs.  Starting from the RealBotics platform, we can integrate technologies across the spectrum of robotics, mechanical and electrical design, web development, live video, and real-time remote control.  With the expertise to work at the intersection of these technologies, RealBotics is in a unique position to provide you with the exact solution you need.  

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Remote Training & Education

The RealBotics platform is ideal for remote training of complicated and expensive equipment, such as industrial robots.  With our augmented reality interface, heads-up display, and real-time remote control, your users are provided with an immersive and informative training experience.  Once setup on the RealBotics platform, you can provide around-the-clock access to users with nothing more than a smartphone and connection to the Internet.  If you are interested in providing state-of-the-art live online training, contact us.

"Basic Block" Lab Kit

Makers and Inventors

At RealBotics, we’re taking the next step beyond the Internet of Things. We’re pushing the boundaries of tele-robotics by allowing you to invent, design, and build your next big idea.  By connecting your device to, you and others can remotely operate your device in real-time while viewing a live video feed of what is happening.  

All for free.

Perhaps you’d prefer to simply interact with the community of devices, that’s great.  RealBotics needs operators just as much as it needs makers and inventors.  Create a free RealBotics account and remotely control devices that are open to the public.  To better illustrate the capability of RealBotics platform, consider these examples:

RealBotics supports software and hardware that's familiar to most makers.  The world is ready for the next step of robotic interaction and RealBotics is here to help you take it. If you can dream it, you can build it; whether you built it or not, control it with RealBotics.

To become a beta tester and connect your own device to the RealBotics platform, contact us.